We automate your coffee management

One cup at a time

Do you have a shared coffeemachine at work?

Highly likely you know these problems:

  • Who bought coffee the last time?
  • Confusing coffee tally sheets and someone has to collect the money
  • Is it time to decalcify the machine yet? (Or did it ever happen?!)

We think we can help you. How you ask? Scroll down to find out!

Bother no more!

We can help you!

We want to help you out with that! Our coffee pal pin is a small device that enables you to use your ID card (Or every Mifare RFID chip like access tags) and track your coffee consumption.

It's super easy for everyone to register cards and use the system.

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Your benefits

Life is complicated enough,
we keep it simple

Coffee subscription

We mail you coffee automatically, based on your consumption.

Coffee notifications

Too much coffee can affect productivity and your health. We remind you if that's the case in stressfull times.

Easy payment per person

We manage the payment with each person. No more debt collection!

API friendly

Show off your companies coffee consumption on your website.

Our plans

Choose your plan

With coffee subscription

€0.49 / cup

  • Choose your favourite coffee (capsules or beans)
  • We send you great coffee automatically when needed (No extra charge)
  • Try out new coffee specialities
  • Get your coffee pal pin for free
  • Pay per person or per company
  • No more tally sheets
  • Get statistics about your coffee consumption
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Without coffee subscription

€0.05 / cup

  • You buy your coffee yourself
  • Define your price per coffee yourself
  • Get your coffee pal pin for free
  • We remind your colleagues to pay the buyer
  • No more tally sheets
  • Get statistics about your coffee consumption

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